Cocoa Modulators

Consumer demand for indulgent foods continues to drive new product launches in many developed markets. More importantly the discovery of therapeutic value from Cocoa (possible anti mutagenicity, anticarcinogenicity etc…) has lead to a remarkable increase in usage and resultant higher prices. As a result we have developed truly authentic tasting Cocoa Modulators which can be used to partially replace or extend Cocoa solids in most applications. This results in lower and more stable ingredient costs without sacrificing flavor and quality.

After careful analysis of “Cocoa Flavor Formation”, Unique Thermal Processing coupled with specific flavor precursors and other flavor forming components is utilized to develop the desired Cocoa (Chocolate) flavor profile and subsequent mouth feel. This combination provides originality, strength and impact to the desired product.

Flavor Profiles can be specifically adjusted in reduced Cocoa Applications to maintain the quality and integrity of the desired product. Flavor Characterization, Impact and Mouth feel can all be maintained. These Modulators are ideal for application in chocolate confections, bakery, desserts, beverages or any application where Cocoa has to be reduced but integrity maintained.

- Cost Effective
- All Natural
- Flavor Characterization
- Texture and Mouth feel
- Strength and Flavor Impact.

This Technology is based on well over 60 years experience in Maillard Reaction Technology coupled with Sensory Development and Organoleptic Expertise.