Masking Modifiers

With today’s focus on Nutrition and “Good for You” foods, there often is a need for something to “cover up” the taste of some food ingredients. Bitterness, Alcohol Bite, Sourness or any other type of Organoleptic Unpleasantness needs to be addressed in some applications. As a result we have developed a line of Agents to address these issues.

Careful Analysis of Organoleptic Characteristics and Sensory Qualities of certain foods have lead to the Development of Flavor Modifiers. Utilizing Unique Thermal Processing coupled with specific precursors, we have developed a complete line of Flavor Modifiers. These Modifiers do not impart any characterizing flavor of their own but rather mask or modify the undesired “Off Note” in the targeted Food.

Most of these Modifiers are effective at very low levels approx 0.01 to 0.015% depending on the application and flavor system. This advantage allows little or no major impact on the costing structure of the target product in most instances.

Product Line
Soy Masking Agents Creamy Mouth Feel
Bitterness Blockers Oily Mouth Feel
Acid Bite Maskers Cooling Agents
Alcohol Bite Maskers Astringency Agents
Salivation Warming Agents

- Natural Flavor
- Thermally Stable
- Water Soluble Systems
- Oil Soluble Systems
- Dry Systems
- Application Versatility
- Readily Utilized with Characterizing Flavors for the total “Flavor Profile”
- Application Potential virtually limitless